a million eyes

i see field run across the wall

while a bug crawls off into a waterfall

a green grass field on my floor

a window skydives from my door

in my head is a familiar tune

all the notes come in and fill up my whole room

and the beat goes ba da da da da

then the chorus goes la la la da da

a lot of big noise is the climax of

what i think is a song about falling in love

i know it's not the best song in the world

but right now it's the best thing that i've ever heard

and you've got a real blue shirt to wear

while i'm busy playin' with my own hair

and the teeth i own are self aware

got me so focused that i can't bare

lets go outside in the sun

where the trees will laugh at all the things we have done

the trees have eyes that peer right in

and the birds are listening to us all sing

i hear my name but no one's there

lets go back inside; i'm scared

how did we get over here

i don't think i can think; well isn't this weird

i can't get out of my own head

i'm scared and i just want to go to bed

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