hia. i'm dayoff. my real name is tim dayon, but dayoff works in this context. if you really wanna know all about me you'll need to message me in person, because there is way too much to say in a few paragraphs. this here will be so you just get a jist of who i am.

   i began with music in my early teens and grew up listening to the 60's and 70's music channels. i had my punk phase, indie-pop phase, my edm phase, and have finally landed on the 70's folk-rock phase. if i had to name a few artists i take after, i would name cat stevens, the beatles, neil young, &and most importantly, jim croce (that dude was awesome.)

   so, you know my style and sound inspiration, so what about the lyrics? well i gotta say that learning to tell stories in my music has been my goal as of recently. the beauty of story-songs (as my dad would call them) is that they allow a sort of imagery in your mind as you're listening. i find that having an

image lets ya see a little more clearly what the message is. i understand why someone might like some obscure metaphorical #2deep4me poems, but not me. as far as i see it, the greatest lessons taught in songs come from the simplest of words. as einstein said - and i'm paraphrasing here - "if ya can't explain it in simple terms, ya don't understand it well enough, ya dumbass..."

   so there you go. i'm a modern folk-rock artist who writes music in simple terms for you to understand, in the hopes that simplicity allows my thoughts to feel timeless, relatable, and easy to grasp. if i find myself forming a difference sense of musical or lyrical taste then i'll be sure to update this. until then, let this be your image of me.

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