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hia. my name is tim dayon, but you can call me dayoff, because this is a business meeting and we're professionals here. i could tell ya that i was born in 96', grew up[ on a farm with llamas in northern jersey, or that i sell firewood, but that would be boring and i already just told ya that. so here's a slightly more musical story.

   i started playing on a light-up, teach yourself piano when i was like, 9 maybe? i dunno, i didn't stick with piano. but i did get a guitar and did stick with that. fast-forward past the boring years all people go through when learning an instrument and here i am, playing guitar with a loop pedal like ed sheeran, and trying to make some pop/acoustic music some of you will like.

   i've got some music on every major streaming platform and all of it is what i'd call pop music like i said before. so, what are the songs about?

if i had to sum it up into one topic, i'd say they're sort of about desires of some sort, whether that desire be to live in a certain place, or to not be alone, or to just be happy. i found myself alone after high school since all my friends left for college and i didn't. i always had people around me so the loneliness sorta hit me (and ain't that fitting that i perform alone now?)

   music is really just a way for me to keep myself entertained and happy, and with these songs i write about wanting, i hope some of ya will also relate. having someone relate to your music is the greatest feeling an artist can feel.

   with all this said, i'm happy to tell you more if you just ask me through my contact info below. 

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